Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The stake that will be claiming the land for Jesus in Badjo.
It says 'Authority of Jesus' in Creole.

It's been a while since I have sent a prayer partner out. We have a lot of things happening right now. So I will try to keep it to Badjo and send out another prayer partner in a few days. 

God is amazing, since the accident in Badjo killing so many people He has opened up so many doors. We feel called to build a church and a school for the community of Badjo, as there is neither. We have found 2 small pieces of land right next to each other and have purchased them. One of the pieces of land is the same land we held the crusade on. We will be having a celebration on the land July 2nd, complete with driving a stake in the ground claiming the land for Christ. We have been praying about who could lead and pastor this group. And God has answered. One of the leaders from our nearby Debarriers church has come forward and said he believes God is calling him to lead this new church. This is so exciting, as we have watched him thinking he is ready to be called to serve a church and with out us asking he has come to Nathan and Mike and volunteered. His is a very faithful, prayer warrior and will be such an asset to the kingdom in Badjo, he believes he has found his purpose and we believe him. His name is Antonio, please pray for him, as voodoo has a very strong hold in Badjo, he will face lots of battles along with us. 

It is so amazing to watch God as He fits the puzzle pieces together in our lives. If you remember just after the accident we shared a story of a major witch doctor who saw Jesus as the bus was plowing through the crowd killing people. Well we found out that a broker for voodoo travelers from North America and a few other countries had approached her a while back and told her that she would get her a visa to travel to America so that she could meet with witch doctors there. Then the accident happened and she gave her life to the Lord. After a bit her visa came through. At the same time word about her salvation got back to her brother who had been a witch doctor and now is a Christian and lives in  America. He called her and said he had heard she gave her life to God and he asked her to come visit him for a month so that he could help her spiritually. So she used the visa for God's work instead of satan's. HOW COOL IS THAT! GOD KNEW HOW THE VISA WAS GOING TO BE USED ALL ALONG! 

Tomorrow we are fasting for Badjo, would you consider fasting and praying with us. Helping to move the kingdom forward in Badjo. 

Please remember to pray for Antonio, Janette(the previous witch doctor) and for the establishment of a church and school.

P.S. We are in the beginning of a crusade in Pouteou, one of our communities next to Badjo, please pray for hearts to be opened, we had 7 salvation's Sunday night. Nathan is leading worship most of the week and Mike will be preaching on Thursday and Sunday evening. Thank you so much.


Monday, May 8, 2017

Remembering Macfadden
(He is in the black shirt)


I know we just sent a prayer partner out, but we have a new prayer request. The government of Haiti does not always make the best choices for the people to say the least. So when the people get upset, a manifestation is the only voice the people have. The government has once again chosen to not pay some of the teachers in the very few schools they have. So all of last week and today the teachers and students have gone from school to school each day and demanded that the private schools students and teachers manifest. Each day our older boys have come home part way through the morning missing their much needed schooling. I have been telling them not to go through downtown but to come home the back way. I just found out that  Friday one of the neighborhood teenage boys, a sweet kid named Macfadden came home through the downtown area and was mixed up into the manifestation. He was beaten severely by the police who were trying to control the riot. He died Saturday. I cant even imagine the pain he must have gone through. I did have the privilege of praying with him to accept Jesus last October. He had no mama and no papa. He was living with his Grandma and sisters. Please pray for his family and for order to come into the chaos of the city. The government is so broken, pray for the officials to make better choices for the people not just for themselves. My heart is so heavy, It just breaks my heart that kids here have so much against them. 
Thank you for your prayers

Sunday, May 7, 2017


The rain...I love when the rain comes. It quiets the chaos. Here in Haiti no one comes out in the rain. Everyone stays in, it brings a quiet and a peace. This morning I can hear...the birds and the frogs. It is good for the soul. It rained most of the night, this part of Haiti, the Gonaives area needed the rain. The farmers needed the rain, the land needed the rain. The people needed the rain, it cleans the air. I can dust here...or not, and in 1/2 hours time everything is coated with dust again. There is not much here to hold the soil down, it blows in the air 24/7. We breathe it in, it covers the vegetation, the homes, the dirt roads, there are few paved roads here in Gonaives, are a constant cloud of dust. But this morning the dust is held down and the air is clean and it is so refreshing. I refreshes the spirit too. 

Thank you for your faithful prayers for Badjo, we have found land and are working towards a simple building to gather in. At the same time we are teaching the people that they are the church. In the fall we are hoping to start the beginning of a school in Badjo, if we can finish a building that fast. The people have never had a church or a school in Badjo. The people of Badjo are now seeing what 200 years of being a birthplace to voodoo in Haiti have brought to their community, destruction and death, literally with the loss of the 46 people on the bus. Some of them have actually said "enough, voodoo has cost us too much". They have heard the stories of Pass Rien, being changed from DeForce (place of darkness, place where the witch doctors come from) to Bon Berger, Place de Lumiere. (Good Shepherd, place of light). They have heard the stories of the land being healed and producing more agriculture, they have heard of the education and Jesus coming and oppression being lifted. And they are hungry for it. They have heard of the joy that has come as witch doctors no longer have powers and find out that Christ's power is stronger. Please continue to pray for the peoples eyes to be opened and the hearts to be healed. Pray for the restoration of the children. Pray for us, for discernment and direction in Badjo. 

Another door has been opened up to us as a ministry. As you know our mission statement and practice is 'we come along side the people of Haiti to help them help themselves'. Many years ago when Mike started teaching the pastors and leaders on outreach being something God asks of every believer, he actually had one pastor that said "out reach is not something Haitians do, it is something done to Haitians", something westerners have taught them.  Now many years later we are seeing the fruit of Haitians ministering to Haitians in outreach. And we are so thankful for the fruit. One of the latest outreaches occurred when one of the pastors said he believed that some of them were supposed to go up into the mountains behind our Children's Village and do evangelism. This is an area that is only reachable by foot, you can drive part of the way by car, then further by motorcycle, but you have to walk the last part. So they decided to go to this area for 3 nights and three days. The biggest village of the 5 in the area is called Sedrenn, one of the smaller ones is Miwa. They visited door to door, they held worship times, prayer times, whatever they thought the Holy Spirit was leading them too. One night in particular after a time of worship, Nathan felt like God was pointing out a girl in the crowd to him that they should pray for. She appeared to be 19 or 20 years old. After calling her to come forward for a second time he realized why she was coming so slowly, she was being carried. She could not walk. She was crippled. As the pastors and leaders prayed over her she started being healed. By the time they were finished praying she was completely healed and could stand and slowly walk. God is such an awesome caring God. Before the three days were finished they had led over165 people to the Lord. This area has never had a school or church, so please again pray for discernment and direction for our ministry. God willing we would like to be able to plant a church and school  in this community also. It is hard to imagine in this day and age, being an adult and not being able to read and write. We believe God is here in Sedrenn and that He wants a personal relationship with the people, they are part of His family and He wants them back. 

Thank you so very much for your faithful prayers, they are making a difference and moving mountains.


Nathan, Madame Nathan and I

Monday, April 10, 2017

She's no longer a witch doctor

Getting a bible


Hope you are all enjoying your spring break and a little warmer weather. It has been in the low 90's here off and on already.

The end of last week and this week we have been doing follow up in Badjo. We have been giving out some of the bibles you helped to purchase and encouraging the people to go to one of our other churches for now. This is a little more difficult for them, as it means walking a few miles to and from church, but some are doing this. We had 7 people from Badjo in our Marose church. 

On the second evening of the crusade I noticed a young women slip in from the side road. I felt like God was unwrapping her heart in a spiritual sense. A couple of us prayed for her through out the evening. Later she went forward for prayer for healing and then again she went forward for salvation. The other day when getting a bible to her, we found out that she is living in a voodoo temple. We are now trying to figure out how we can help her find another place to live. This is just one example of the challenges that sometimes come about, as peoples lives are changed. Please pray for discernment as we try to work through the challenges of bringing new believers to Christ. Many times it is more complicated then it first appears. We need to look at each situation individually as they come, but in many cases we are setting a precedent for the future and need to carefully choose how and when we help. We really need your prayers for discernment.

On Thursday evening we showed "over the hedge", a kids movie in french at the Marose church to the youth group. The movie attracted a lot of teens from the community. We served popcorn and water also. Afterwards we sang a few songs and Nathan shared why we were reaching out to them. Some came forward for healing and 2 older teen boys came forward and wanted to accept Jesus. All from a fun kids movie night. God is amazing. 

For Easter week this year Nathan, Mike and each of the pastors in our ministry are rotating each evening and preaching at a different church. This way each evening every church in our ministry will have a different pastor share with them. Usually it is just Nathan and Mike that change which church they preach at. Please pray for each of them that the Holy Spirit guides them and goes before them. 

We are so thankful and appreciative of the support you give us. It allows us to be able to minister here in Haiti, to be the hands and feet of Jesus. 

Many blessings and happy Easter,


Monday, April 3, 2017

Passing out rice to the hurting families of Badjo


We wanted to send out a prayer request and update you on the crusades in Badjo and the team.

The team has been doing great. Jay preached in Badjo Saturday evening and then again Sunday morning in Bon Berger, Pass Rein. Jay also shared during the pastors conference Saturday morning. Kim and Melissa along with three of our older boys from the Children's village painted a mural on one of the walls in the Prayer and Play room. I have been wanting a mural in the Prayer and Play room since the beginning. So I was very excited that they wanted to paint one. 

The crusade in Badjo was great. We had 33 salvations the first evening, 5 salvations the second evening and 7 the third evening. This brings the total number of salvations in Badjo to 88 in just the three weeks since the accident. Thank you so much for being a part of the salvations by praying. People also came forward for healing and being set free. One of the hardest parts was calling the younger children forward who had lost parents in the rara bus accident. We prayed over them and it was very emotional and so hard to see the suffering.

There were some distinct differences during this crusade, even more significant than the amazing number of salvations was the intense feeling of spiritual warfare for this area. In comparison the spiritual battle in Pass Rein felt like hand to hand combat and the spiritual battle in Badjo, Mapou and Lakou feels more like heavy artillery.  On Saturday evening there were some groups of people gathered on the road, outside of the property the crusade was on, just watching, but not participating. This in its self was not unusual. But, there was a man watching from the sidelines who happens to be a Boko who we have found out is considered even higher in power then the madame from Bon Berger, Pass Rein. They know each other, and we have been told that he knows that we helped to bring God and Jesus and the change to Bon Berger, Pass Rein and he is furious that we have begun to do the same in Badjo, Mapou and Lakou. He is very powerful and has influence within Haiti's government, including with the president. Sunday evening, the last night of our crusade he was able to get the president of Haiti to have police block off the traffic going over the bridge on the only highway to Cap Haitian. This blockade  was so that the villages of Badjo, Mapou and Lakou could hold rara's in the same area the bus took the lives of 46 people. So we drove through the river to get to the crusade instead of crossing over the bridge. In spite of holding a huge rara at the same time as our crusade we had twice as many people in attendance as the previous two nights. This man's name is Ti Lili. There is a man that works closely with him named Jacks. Please pray for their salvation.

We believe that prayer was the catalyst that ushered in the kingdom of God in Bon Berger, Pass Rein. Jesus put Bon Berger, Pass Rein on our hearts, on your heart and on the hearts of people all over the world praying with us. We believe the power of prayer changed the village of Pass Rein. Mike shared with the people that voodoo had blinded them to the open door that they were not able to see before. Please pray for the people to see the door and choose Jesus.

One of the differences between the religion of voodoo and choosing a personal relationship with Jesus is voodoo rules with fear and a relationship with Jesus is based on faith and love. The people of Badjo, Mapou and Lakou are in desperate need of your prayers. Please join us in praying for them.

Sunday evening at the close of the crusade the team helped to  pass out rice to each of the hurting families in Badjo. I will try to post some photos.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Some very good friends of ours have brought a team here from 100 Mile B.C. Canada. We are so happy to see them. They arrived Tuesday evening and had a very uneventful trip to the Children's Village. They spent Wednesday in Marose with the children. Today, Thursday we went up to the village of Bon Berger, Pass Rein and visited the school, voodoo camp, stake, villagers and property for the new church building. We spent time praying for each child and the teachers. It was a very meaningful time for the team and I think for the students also. 

Tomorrow the team will go into the market in downtown Gonaives and visit the transitional house for boys that we live in. Then tomorrow evening we will be having a crusade in Badjo. The crusade will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. When Mike and Nathan were in Badjo last week a man came up to them and said that he had a piece of property that we could use or buy for a church plant in Badjo. He said we could use it for the crusade also. Nathan and Mike checked it out and it is right off the main road in Badjo and large enough for crusades. We are praying about setting up one of our tents there. Mike will be preaching tomorrow night at the crusade and then our friend Jay will be preaching Saturday evening. Please pray for open eyes, ears and hearts. Pray for healing for the hearts of the people in Badjo as they continue to morn for so many friends and family that died in the accident. Also, thanks to you we have been able to purchase 190 bibles that will be given out to the new believers in the days following the crusade. We would love to be able to purchase even more, as we believe this is just the  beginning of a revival in Badjo, Mapou and Lakou. Badjo and Lakou are two of the three voodoo villages that are internationally know for practicing voodoo. So, very much like DeForce, Pass Rein, now changed to Bon Berger, Pass Rein we have been and will continue to be breaking into the enemies territory. Please pray for us, the ministry and the hearts of the people of Badjo, Mapou and Lakou. These villages boarder the villages of Poteou and Debarriers, which we are already ministering in. They cover a 6 - 7 miles radius. We are soooo excited to see how God will move over the next three nights, thank you so much for praying. 


Saturday, March 18, 2017


Thank you so much for your prayers. God is on the move. Last night we went to a church in Mapou, next to Badjo. Nathan led worship and Mike preached. There was one salvation. 

This morning at the pastors conference Mike felt like he was supposed to take the whole group of pastors and leaders to Badjo as an outreach. So we made "pen avek mamba", a type of hard roll with peanut butter. Then we drove across the river. When we were across the river we started seeing people from the funeral. This morning they had a large funeral in Gonaives, which the president attended. The president purchased coffins for each of the 46 people who died in the accident. In Badjo many of the families also had their own private funerals, which is why we started seeing people. There were about 500 people at the grave sites when we passed the cemetery  We stopped in the front of the witch doctors home that had given her life to Jesus during the accident. I explained this in the last email. There were quite a few people in her yard. We spoke to them for a while, then we asked if we could pray for the different people there. They said yes. 8 people in the yard gave their lives to the Lord. The most fun was a young man with long dreads down his back, which is usually very unacceptable here in Haiti. At first he laughed when we were praying for someone by him and said "you can't preach to me. I won't accept Jesus." Mike then noticed a black arm ribbon on his bicep. Mike asked what is was and he responded that he had gone to a voodoo camp that morning. He said it supported the people who died. Mike asked how it did this as the people were dead, he then said it couldn't but it supported him. Mike asked how it helped him? He responded it shows solidarity. After a few minutes of thinking about it he started crying and he took it off and threw it on the ground and said he wanted to accept Jesus. A huge miracle. 

Next we went to another house and met a family of Christians, we prayed for boldness for them to start reaching out to their neighbors, they were like a little light in the darkness. The mama who was very old was so full of the spirit, I loved her. They led us to another house to pray for people. And another 8 people came to the Lord there. Two tough but wonderful stories came from that household. The first was a little old man, he was 77 years old, which is very old for Haiti. He was so bent over that he was only 4 1/2 feet tall. His wife had given her heart to the Lord last Wednesday when they were there. She came running up as we came in the gate and said that we needed to pray for her husband to accept Jesus. He told us no we could not pray for him, because he had quit attending rara's and voodoo ceremonies a few years ago and he was better then Christians. We talked with him a really long time and prayed for him to be willing. Eventually he choose to pray so that " he could be in Jesus house when he died like his wife". He was such a precious little man. No teeth, but a Cheshire cat grin. 

At this same house we had a young man around 20 years old telling us "if Christ was so great why weren't we here earlier before his friend had died" He had tons of questions like that. He went on and on. He thought he was pretty tough. Finally, after a lot of talk I said I felt like God said the door is open now and it won't always be, maybe tomorrow your friends and family will be crying over you, like you are over your friend now. Kind of blunt and harsh, but he was arguing and taking the attention from others. It must have been God, he gave his life to Jesus 5 minuets later. In all 16 people gave their lives to the Lord today. 

Please keep praying we are trying to follow God's leading, it feels like another Pass Rein, Bon Berger. God is sooooo good.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017


God is on the move in Badjo. Many miracles happened this morning. Thank you SO much for your faithful prayers.

Mike, Nathan and the team headed to Badjo this morning, they were going to start with visiting a friend of Nathan's and see where God led after that. But on the way they passed an older women sitting all by herself in her front yard. Nathan stopped the truck and waited and then said he felt like God wanted them to stop and talk to her. So they did, they explained that they just wanted to comfort the people who had lost loved ones in the accident. Her response was absolutely amazing. 

This is her story. She said that she was the main witch doctor over Badjo and she was at the Rara and involved in the accident. As I had said earlier when buses hit people they take off, if they stay witnesses usually try to burn the buses, many times with the people still in it. And they kill the driver. So just 3 blocks early the bus had already hit 2 pedestrians, killing one of them. So the bus was trying to get away and had turned its lights off and was not using it's horn to warn people it was coming through. The witch doctor said that for some reason  she turned towards the direction the bus was coming, she said the bus came with no lights and no horn. She said the bus came within a few feet of her and she watched it hit and kill many people, as she looked up she said she saw Jesus and that he revealed himself to her. She said that at that moment she renounced satan and voodoo and rara and told him that she wanted to accept Jesus in her heart. As Mike and Nathan  talked with her she shared that her son died in the accident. Mike said he was given words for her that she would be influential for God in the community, like she had been for satan and voodoo. Then another women, her daughter said she wanted to accept Jesus. After they shared with them awhile, Nathan asked if there was somewhere else they should go? She said go out the gate in her back yard, anyone they ran into would have family that had died in the accident.

So they started walking and a young girl called to them and said please don't go, there are two women over here that want to give their lives to Jesus. So they went to talk with them. One of them had a mangled eye from being beaten by her husband, who had died in the accident. Both of them accepted the Lord. 

They then walked another block and talked to a family, which Mike said was the hardest to talk to, because of their hurting and sorrow. They had lost 4 family members in the accident. The older lady there shared that they had lost 3 teenage grandsons and her son, who was husband and father to some of the people there. 8 different people gave their hearts to the Lord.

They walked a block and came to another house, where a family had also lost 4 family members. They had lost 2 older grandchildren, a husband and an uncle. The older lady that was talking with them said that she was also a witch doctor and said when she heard that her family had died in the accident she right then and there said never again, she was done with satan, voodoo and rara's, and she gave her heart to Jesus, all by herself, just between her and God. 

Both the first and fourth family said that Mike and Nathan could not leave them. That they needed them to stay and help. They begged Nathan and Mike to start a church and show them how to live differently. 

God's spirit is moving, it is exploding in Badjo, today there were 26 salvations in a 3 block area. Please pray for wisdom and discernment. We do not have an extra pastor to send to Badjo, they will need bibles and people to walk beside them and be the hands and feet of Jesus. Right now the biggest need is for someone to come alongside Mike and Nathan and be mentored to pastor this community. Also they will need bibles. A full Haitian Creole bible is $10. We would also like to be able to reach out to the community and feed them, as they work through their grief, much like we would bring meals to a grieving family stateside or in Canada. We would appreciate help in these areas. Please come alongside of us and help us reach out to the people of Badjo. Please help us be the hands and feet of Jesus. The death toll is up to 46 people now and this is from a very small village, where almost everyone has lost someone.

Thank you and blessings,

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Some of the pastors and leaders praying over Hendor.

Prayer needed for outreach to bus accident families


We wanted to thank you for praying. We have felt your prayer covering. Mike took Hendor to the airport in Port-au-Prince  early yesterday morning. Again the trip was uneventful. Things seemed to have calmed down a bit politically . Having Hendor here was such a blessing. Saturday morning Hendor spent time with Mike at the pastors conference encouraging and praying for the pastors. He also spent time with the boys in the Children's Village teaching them how to play flag football. In the late afternoon we hiked through the rain, mud and river to baptize 5 people, one of which was from our Children's Village. Baptisms are always fun here in Haiti. There is singing, praying, crossing rivers, joy and laughter, it definitely is an event. On Sunday morning Hendor preached in Pass Rein and ministered. God touched a lot of people. Sunday night was the last night of the crusade in Marose. It was a great night of worship. Hendor preached again and did ministry. It was his last night preaching and some of the pastors felt led to pray over him.

We also wanted to up date you on the accident in Mapou involving people living mostly in Badjo. Our churches have been reaching out to them. Monday evening one of the witch doctors from the Rara, whose nephew was killed by the bus called Nathan and said he was tired of living the way he had been and wanted to give his heart to Jesus. Such good news!!

We also have an outreach tomorrow morning (Wednesday) in Badjo. We will be holding a worship and prayer time. Along with this we will be serving food as an outreach to the families. We have a teen challenge group that arrived today and they will be helping with the outreach. They will also be sharing their testimonies in Pass Rein tomorrow night. Please be praying for the outreach and the testimony sharing. 

Also we need prayer for this coming Friday evening, as Nathan will be preaching in Mapou, one of the villages next to Badjo. This cluster of villages are know for voodoo and are even advertised in travel magazines as a place to experience voodoo ceremonies. It is totally God that has opened this door, Please pray for soft hearts, open spirits and for God to move.

Thank you so very much for all of your prayers, they ARE moving mountains. 


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Hendor preaching at the crusade last night.

Hendor praying in Bon Berger, Pass Rien.



Praying after preaching.

Hendor and I witnessing to some children as we walked around
Bon Berge, Pass Rein,
the boy in the blue jacket gave his life to the Lord.

One of our boys getting ready to be baptized.

Hendor crossing the river for the baptism.

Five chose to be baptized today.

Hendor and Mike baptizing.

And again.


I am writing to request prayer for a couple of events today. The first being a really bad accident happening around 3:00 AM last night. The buses here in Haiti just plow down the main highway at high speeds and honk instead of slow down for cars, motorcycles or pedestrians. As we have shared in the past Carnival is the start of a season of more intense voodoo celebrations leading up to Good Friday, which the people practicing voodoo call Bad Friday. One of the most popular ways to to celebrate is to have a RaRa. Typically they start in the afternoon as a parade that involves music, alcohol and a few whips. But late evening RaRa dissolves into a mob type parade with wild music, voodoo chanting, sexual immorality, violence and most people involved are very drunk. There are vendors with wheel barrows full of alcohol following along with the RaRa. Alcohol being given to anyone regardless of age.
So by the middle of the night most of the people are in no shape to be thinking straight. Well last night one of the buses came barreling through a RaRa in Badjo a village know for its voodoo. Badjo is a small village right next to the village of Debarriers, where we have a church. I don't think either village is more then a few square miles. They are so close to each other it is hard to know where one ends and the other starts. This bus never stopped, going full speed it ran into the people in the RaRa. First reports before 6AM were 23 dead. The main highway to Cap Haitian was blocked off. By 12 noon the highway was open, but with remnants from the accident. The death toll is now at 39. The photos coming in from people we know are very gruesome. The bus hit them head on and plowed through the crowd. The bus headed straight for the police station, most likely to avoid problems. Drivers in the past have been dragged out, killed, and then the bus set on fire. The most horrific part of this is that the crowd was dancing for satan, so most likey they are not with Jesus right now. So please pray for the families, friends and whoever was involved with what happened in front of their eyes, from the photos I can not even begin to imagine the horror they saw. Also this will mean parents not coming home to little children ever again. We have asked three of our churches that surround this village, all within a few miles, Marose across the river from Badjo and Debarriers and Poteou bordering Badjo, to go and pray for the families and people involved. We have asked them to look at this as outreach and to not judge the people that were at the RaRa. Please pray for our congregations that they will reach out and in a healing way.

Our Pastors and congregations are also inviting people from the area to the final night of our crusade in Marose. Pray that God will use the circumstances of last night to heal and draw more people to him. The main witch doctor at the RaRa was witnessed to by Pastor Nathan just last week and he told Nathan "later Nathan later". I hate hearing a witch doctor say those words, it usually means it is his last chance to accept Jesus.

Thank you so much for your prayers, we really need them.