Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hello from Mike,

 Great to be back here in Haiti again. So many good things happening here. 

 The move of God in Marose is amazing. There have been close to 100 conversions from darkness and voodoo to new life in Jesus in the past 3 months. There is a small area in Marose, on the north edge of the village called Wash-Platt. It is a very poor and dark part of town. This seems to be where the concentration of the Holy Spirit is moving. Most of the people in this area have little or no education, they are very poor, and they participate in voodoo and witchcraft. Satan has scattered them like sheep. The are continually helpless and harassed. Now God has seen them and had compassion on them and is saving them. Last night I was able to encourage a group of about 50 new believers by telling them that no matter what Satan or the world said, they were now a child of God, adopted into His family, with His name, and with His eternal inheritance.

   One man said that he had had a dream where he heard an angel knocking at his gate in the middle of the night. At first he was afraid and grabbed his machete to defend himself. But the angel said not to be afraid, but to turn his life over to Jesus. He said that it would not be possible because he had done many terrible things in his life. The angel told him if he would give his old life to Jesus, he would receive a new life. Even though it was quite late and very dark by the time we finished, the man insisted that he be baptized in the river. How could we do anything else.....WOW 

   One woman said that life had been so hard for her that she stayed under the influence of alcohol for 30 years, and couldn't remember anything else. Now she was truly free....

   Thanks to your generous giving, we were able to give each of these dear ones a new Bible. They were so proud. their smiles reached from ear to ear.

   I am preparing for a large Pastors Conference for Friday and Saturday. Please pray that the true word of God reaches the hearts of these men, cutting through all the religion and tradition that holds this country in the strongholds of death and destruction.

I will send photos..


Friday, January 26, 2018

Some of the new believers from the village of Marose

We wanted to let you know that Mike is on his way to Haiti. We would really appreciate your prayers for on time flights and safe travel.

The Holy Spirit has really been moving in the village of Marose. Nathan has been seeing many come to the Lord that are heavily involved in witchcraft and vodoo and many leaders of rara. He has been experiencing a move of the Spirit setting those with strong generational chains and bondage's free. There have been over 75 salvations in the months of December and January. Six of those salvations were witch doctors. Some of the salvations have involved whole families.

Mike asked Jonas our translator to interview a few of the people. One woman said that she has never been married, but has 11 children. That she is a rara dancer and that her family has been involved in rara for generations. She has chosen to be the first in her family to walk away from rara and choose Jesus. Praise the Lord!

One younger man said that he travels back and forth between Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He was here for carnival and rara early last spring, when the bus hit and killed over 40 rara dancers. He said that he had been thinking about rara and voodoo and Jesus ever since. In his own words he said "I think about it and now I choose Jesus and flee the world's pleasure". God's light is shining bright in Marose.

One of the witch doctors said that he is 42 years old and has 12 children by 4 different women. He gave his life to the Lord. He says " my decision is forever, goodbye to satan and glory to God".

It is wonderful to see whole families, that have been steeped in voodoo, witchcraft and rara seeing the light and choosing new life with Jesus. Please pray that these new believers stay connected and grow, also that God continues to move in others in the village of Marose. 


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Baby Fednelson the 1st baby born in our newly remodeled medical clinic. Born on December 6th.

Merry Christmas,

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Years. We wanted to thank you for your faithful prayers and support this past year. They really do make a difference.

We have some exciting news. God is in the business of new life and we are seeing evidence of this in so many ways recently in the community of Marose. There have been 18 salvation's in Marose in the past couple of weeks, 18 lives born again. As I have shared earlier, we have recently remodeled our medical clinic and significantly increased our medical staff. We have done this in order to better meet the needs of our community in Marose, along with some of the nearby communities we minister in. So in some respects our clinic has had a new birth. 

As Christmas and the remembrance of the birth of Christ approaches we wanted to share another story of new birth with you. The other day the niece of a family who lives next door to our Children's Village went into labor a bit early and they were not prepared for the birth. They brought her to the clinic and we were able to help her with her delivery. This is the first birth in our newly remodeled clinic. She delivered a healthy little girl. They named her Fednelson. I will post some photos on the blog. We so appreciate your coming along side of us to help the communities we minister in. It allows practical help for the people of Haiti. As this year comes to a close we would really appreciate it if you would be willing to help us financially continue ministering to the people of Haiti, helping with new births physically and spiritually. 

Another exciting event happened in Marose last week. The president of Haiti, Jovenel Moise visited our medical clinic. We are so honored to receive the attention of the president of Haiti. This ministry is making a difference. 

Blessings and Merry Christmas,

Mike and Chris Leland

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Reception area of the medical clinic.

Our receptionist.

The waiting room.

Worship during part of the Pastors Conference.

One of the singing groups.

Mike getting ready to teach.

Our family being prayed over.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


The drive

The path narrows

First river crossing

A bit rough

Beautiful flowers guiding us

Second river crossing

Going up the side of the mountain

Third river crossing


Looking down at the church

Down the stairs to enter

This young man is the conductor of the children's choir :)
Yes he is standing on a chair:)

Some of the offering, love it!

Nathan worship with the band

Some of the pastors sons, he has eleven :)

Mike preaching

The drive home 6 hours later!

A fourth river crossing

More photos of the newly remodeled medical clinic.

Our newly remodeled medical clinic and staff.


I have some exciting news, prayer requests and a story for you this morning :)

Today Mike will be teaching part of a two day conference for the Pastors of our ministry and the greater Gonaives area. There will be about 150 in attendance. He will be teaching on some basic Biblical concepts, like baptism, communion, mentoring new believers and 5 other topics. Please pray the Holy Spirit moves, opens eyes, minds and spirits. Please pray for the words to go from being nouns to verbs. In other words to become actions, part of their lives and the hands and feet of Jesus.

On another note I, Chris, personally am requesting your prayers. I have been having many problems with my right eye this past month. I have been communicating with an eye doctor in Bellingham. At first it seemed like I might be experiencing Retinal detachment, but now it may be more likely vitreous detachment. Because of the unknown diagnosis along with eye site being precious, we have decided to fly our family home a bit early this year. We will be flying out of Haiti Tuesday. Thanks to Dr. Larson's help I will be seen next Thursday in his Bellingham office. I would really appreciate your prayers for my eyes, eye site, our travel and that we can get things pulled together in preparation of leaving a bit earlier. I am busily trying to complete Christmas gifts and celebrations for the Children's village. 

The exciting news is that this Monday we will be opening our NEWLY REMODELED MEDICAL CLINIC. We will be more then doubling the size of our medical clinic. We have hired a second Haitian doctor, a third Haitian nurse, and finally have found a Haitian DENTIST, we are so very excited! We are also adding a laboratory! Huge changes for the community of Marose and the surrounding area. Please pray as the new team merges with the previous staff. Also pray for wisdom and compassion as they help each patient. And for additional funding for new staff, pharmaceutics and lab supplies.

The STORY takes place in the mountainous village of Sedron. Mike was asked to preach there, so off we trekked winding up through Myan and on up the mountain side, through the river multiple times, up narrow paths, finally reaching our destination. When we arrived we walked down steep stairs leading into the building on the mountain side. They started with a lecture type Sunday school for all ages. Then we experienced amazing worship and little singing groups, Nathan brought his choir from Pass Rein and Sedron had their own choir. Then Mike preached and we had an amazing prayer time. The offering was most enjoyable, these people know how to tithe. There were baskets of fruit, vegetables, even chickens in the offering. (The chicken became quite loud, haha, so they had to be removed before I could get a photo:(  Joshua and Joey, if you are reading this, you would have loved being there filming.) Afterwards they served lunch. During the prayer time one girl in particular needed prayers for delivering. After the church service she came up to Mike and I and said she wanted to share a bit. First she introduced us to her Jimo, twin sister. Then she shared that recently she had become quite sick. I think she is 17 or 18 years old. She shared that her whole family went to church and that her father was a committed Christian. She said her mother told her she was a Christian, but when hard times came she would turn to voodoo. So when this girl became very sick, the mother insisted that she take this girl to a witch doctor. That week the mother passed away. The father brought her to church and as we prayed Jesus healed her. Praise God!!! I am so sorry the mother passed away, but so glad that the daughter was healed and God was Glorified!!! A great example of God being victorious! Please pray for this girl, her family and the community of Sedron as they process all that has happened. The community of Sedron now wants to become part of our Bon Berger, Ki bay lavia, Good Shepherd, life giving church community. We have shared with them that this is a process that takes time. Through relationship they will learn more about what we believe and we will learn more about how they will walk out being a life giving church. Please lift them up in prayer for open hearts, minds and spirits. Please pray for Nathan and the ministry, for discernment. The leaders of Sedron will be at the conference today. 

Thank you so much for faithfully lifting the ministry and our family up in prayer. We could not be a part of this without you.